Win a Brand New Tesla Model

Win your Brand New Tesla Model by participating in our offers. 3 Winners, 3 different Tesla Models as our special prizes! is giving away 3 new Tesla Models! Enter our raffle for your chance to win! As always, 25% of proceeds will be given to charity!

Trip4Charity's Tesla raffle is a great chance for 3 lucky people to own a new Tesla, but don’t forget the purpose of the raffle: Supporting the charities that need it the most. will be donating %25 of the proceeds* to the listed charities on our website. Participate in this event and be proud that you did it for a great cause.

Just imagine how great it would feel to sit behind the wheel of a Model X and know you are driving the car that is environmentally friendly, safe and very attractive looking. The new Tesla Models are some of the safest automobiles on the road, and constantly updating to the latest software to ensure modern upgrades are included. Superb handling and performance. Are you ready to participate to win your new Tesla Model?

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How We Began Our Charity

Three years ago I learned that my kidneys had failed and I would need to start dialysis to survive. Having to go through dialysis three times a week has inspired me to help the charities that need our support.

I created Trip4Charity to help generate money to assist the foundations that are close to my heart. Offers the Chance to Win a Top Quality Vacation for Two!

We offer you the chance to Win an All Inclusive Vacation for two to one of our pre-selected resorts. Best of all, 25% of the proceeds* will be givien to one of our listed charities.

Each of our vacation raffles will donate thousands of dollars to these in need charities. Our goal is to make the world a better place for all people. Please help us by purchasing your Chance to Win a free all expenses paid vacation.